Our Horse Training Products

The Horse Education Company partners with industry leading horse trainers and clinicians to bring innovative products to market. Before introduction, each of our products have been real-life tested in the most extreme, intense and varied horse training conditions that any equine product will ever confront.

Our most prolific collaborator is brand ambassador Kalley Krickeberg, who helped co-found the Horse Education Company before continuing on to build her successful training and clinic business in Santa Rosa, California. Kalley is a lifelong horse trainer and keeps a string of 8 horses in training at any given time and spends her days in the saddle. These gifted equine coworkers help Kalley create content and product solutions that make it easier for horses to learn. One such invention is her patent pending HYBRID Halter® which makes halter pressure easier for the horse to understand and respond positively to.

Kalley is the horse training columnist for the American Paint Horse Association’s lifestyle magazine CHROME and the producer and presenter in a full range of horse training DVDs which share her unique training philosophy as it applies from foals to finished horses. Kalley is VERY active on social media, be sure to follow her on Facebook!


The Horse Education Company offers practical how-to horse training education and innovative gear pointed at how we develop a shared understanding with horses, no matter the discipline or technique of preference. In the end, horse training is about being clear, fair, kind and effective. To do that, we have to make an effort each day to be the horsewomen and men we strive to be.  The right tools and products can help make interspecies communication faster, clearer and more efficient when paired with a theoretical and applied knowledge. The result  is OBEDIENCE, DIGNITY and FUN on all sides – for ourselves and our horses.

Do you have a product that you believe compliments these goals which could use a compelling marketing campaign and consumer sales channel behind it? Then, contact us so that we can talk more about the gamut of options available to use our ground breaking promotion techniques to the promoting your product to our reach of over 185,000 engaged horse owners worldwide. Know in advance, we’ll put your product or concept through some grueling testing to make sure it meets the Horse Education Company standards, but if you’re the kind to walk your talk and your product is the real deal, we’re officially intrigued. Let’s talk.


requineaffaireNovember 12-15, 2015
West Springfield, MA

April 7-10, 2016
Columbus, OH

The Horse Education booth will be on hand with patent pending HYBRIDHalters and our innovative line of light and responsive horse training tools. If you are anywhere in the northeast region of the United States, make sure to attend! The Expo is a great place to get new ideas and reboot your enthusiasm for the horse life!

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Besides selling the most drool-worthy horse training gear on planet earth, The Horse Education Company produces and sells innovative how-to horse training content with equine industry experts. The team behind production and marketing of the Horse Education DVDs have a wide swath of experience designing curriculum with such leading horse trainers and clinicians as Kalley Krickeberg, Shawn Flarida, Clinton Anderson and Parelli Natural Horsemanship.  More on our horse training DVDs >